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How to create a sub-navigation menu

posted this on December 23, 2011, 3:08 PM

If you have a lot pages on your site, it may be useful to add sub navigation. Sub navigation is available whenever you create a folder to contain a group of pages.


Follow the steps in this tutorial to create a sub navigation menu like the one shown here.

STEP 1: Create a folder


Click ADD (1) and select CREATE FOLDER (2)


1. Select Top Level
2. Give the folder a name so you can easily identify the pages it contains. This name does not appear in the navigation menu.
3. Tick this box if you want the folder to contain an index page.


The page listing should look like this after you have added the folder.

STEP 2: Add pages


Click on ADD (1) and select CREATE PAGE (2)


You can add as many pages as you want inside this folder. In this example, I am going to create a site for selling cakes.

1. I have named each page to describe the kind of cakes on the page
2. I have ticked the 'show in navigation menu' check box so this page will be included in the menu
3. In the Create page in folder drop down menu, I will choose the folder I created named "My products".
4. Click Create page


After you finish creating all the pages you'll need, it will look something like this

STEP 3: Using the navigation widget


Go to the Products page in the root menu


Drag and drop a Navigation Menu widget on that page wherever you like. By default this menu will show the same pages that you have in the root menu.

Double click on the widget , or click on the configuration icon shown in the picture above so the Options panel displays.


Set the configuration for you sub-navigation menu. Don't forget to select My products from the drop down menu so this navigation menu applies to this specific folder.

Note: If you used the Styles tab to set the root menu looks, this same style will apply to every navigation menu you add to your site.